The history of the Whitegoods Trade Association starts in early 2007 when a group of like-minded repairers decided that change was needed and an alternative to the existing trade associations available did not seem to represent the independent repairer's point of view as well as was required.

So, the group decided to go their own way and formed the Whitegoods Trade Association.

This largely came to fruition through UK Whitegoods as the medium for delivery of the ideas and community as well as hosting the forums which led to the creation of the WTA. Basically the WTA was born of UK Whitegoods.

Rather than trying to hide this fact, we're proud of it as that's where we came from.

This means that in real terms the WTA history actually stretches back to the beginning of the UK Whitegoods email list in 2000 as the WTA is merely a culmination of the events that proceeded that ultimately leading to the formation of the WTA. In any event, the core of UK Whitegoods has been acting as an unofficial and unrecognised trade association for a few years now trying to help it's independent members.

When the WTA was formed we considered coming up with a new name and logo to differentiate it from UK Whitegoods but then we thought, "What's the point?". After all, we'd only be accused of being "that offshoot of UK Whitegoods" or that the association was "under the control of UK Whitegoods" and so it was decided, rather than trying to hide the fact, we'd just make it ever so clear where we came from, what we are and how the association came about. We've got nothing to be fearful of or anything to hide about our roots.

Official Formation

At the UK Whitegoods meeting in 2007 the association was officially formed, the governing body established and many of the issues that the association is to address on behalf of its members discussed.

From that point things have moved apace with many topics being discussed in the forums as well as the adoption of a new logo and the face lift of the website. Development is ongoing in all areas.

Conference February 2020

conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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