Parts Prices

Quite simply we think a lot spare parts are too expensive. Far too expensive.

Of course many people would turn and say that we would say that as we have to buy them. Well, yes that is true to an extent but we also have to sell them again to our customers and we often have to face the utter embarrassment for us at telling people some of the ludicrous prices that are not set by the repairers. Added to which many machines are needlessly scrapped early (we call if BER or Beyond Economical Repair) just because the parts are too expensive, it's got nothing to do with the fact that the appliance cannot be repaired, it's simply not economically viable to do so.

This article published on UK Whitegoods goes into much more depth on the subject.

However, we do push for parts prices to be lowered as, when taken in relation to the cost of the appliance new, they are generally just silly prices which can only mean one thing, both the repairers and consumers are being ripped off when it comes to spare parts.

In fact we believe that this practise is adding massively to the environmental issues surrounding the appliance industry especially when taken in concert with the issues surrounding the availability, or lack of it, on technical information.

We don't think that's right and we don't think it's fair on people that buy an appliance in all good faith from a respected brand names.

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