Industry Issues

As an industry, like most industries we have some issues with the way things are.

In short, the appliance repairers are at the bottom of the food chain in many ways within the industry. The underdogs if you like, that are simply expected to keep a lot of the whole thing ticking along, be polite and nice to everyone and to solve all the problems when things don't quite go to plan.

Whitegoods Trade Association logo for appliance repairs in the UKWe put up with that or, at least, we have for a few decades and we've gotten a bit sick of it.

We appear to be undervalued and much under-rated. Regarded by many as a "necessary evil" and, seemingly, by many end users as being cowboys, crooks or lapdogs for the manufacturers and insurers. Needless to say we don't subscribe to those notions, we think that we're far more valued than people often give us credit for.

In this section of the website we intend to show people what hacks us off, why people that are ultimately our customers, are ripped off but not by us, by the people that we have to deal with and how government and trade bodies serve to make our lives harder and more expensive for you. We are great advocates of safety, it's one of the primary things that any good repairer practices, being safe and yet, many things are done that place our customers at greater risk than they are intended to avoid. We don't agree with that and we think that we should explain why things are the way that they are.

We also do not agree with people being put to needless expense, again within this section, you will find much explanation on how you are put to expense that you should not need to face.

Much of the industry may not agree with us. They may even not like it when we offer an opinion on issues that could affect their sales or cause the odd hiccup but the appliance repairers in general have always been an honest group so, there's not much we can do if people don't like our opinion.

All these issues do nothing to help the so-called "throw-away" society in which we seem to exist in leading only to more waste and environmental damage than is really necessary. It's a shame that things are this way, but we are actively trying to change the way that the industry and, people in general, regard the repair industry. Hopefully a read through this section will help you see some of the issues mentioned in a new light.

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