Service Delivery

Contacting Service Centers

As a general rule most service centers are open during normal office hours, 9am-5pm Monday through Friday. It is not the norm to have service centers open outwith these times but almost all repairers do offer answering services, email and fax as a means to contact them outside office hours.

Many call centers will be open outside of these times and some may be able to book service calls and offer basic advice.

There is no legal requirement for a manufacturer or their agents to provide service in a given time period and some manufacturers own service organisations can take many days to attend, sometimes in excess of 1-2 weeks

All WTA members will strive to attend a service call as quickly as possible and over 90% of all initial calls by our members are made within 48 working hours of being reported.

Service Delivery

Service delivery (an appliance technician being able to attend your home) is generally expected to be as follows:

Major Conurbations

1 - 3 working days dependent on conditions (working days only)

Minor Conurbations

2 - 5 working days dependent on conditions (working days only)

Rural Areas

Varies depending on geography, workloads and various other factors but typically within 3-7 working days (working days only)

Please bear in mind that these timescales are indicative only and will vary due to many factors that are often outwith the control of the repairer such as geographies, staff absence, weather conditions, traffic conditions, workloads among others. There is no way to categorically define the anticipated length of time that it will take to have a technician on site.

Repairer companies will offer the earliest available time slot.

Repair companies will try to accommodate requests for timed calls (AM/PM etc) but do so at their discretion and may not be able to offer these sorts of services in particular areas or when workloads are high. If the requirement is for a specific appointment then the times indicated above may be considerably extended in order to meet the request.

All repair companies offer the earliest possible service call possible but can be constrained by workload and by calls already booked

Repair companies  have to work around any service calls that they already have booked and, given that they can only book a limited number of calls per day for each engineer this does mean that sometimes, especially at busy periods, that service may take longer than is usual.

Working days are considered to be Monday to Friday, 8am until 5pm. Many repairer companies operate outside these hours but it is not generally accepted as the norm in the industry, especially so for manufacturer and insurer service delivery.

Please do appreciate that virtually all service companies, especially WTA members, are always doing their level best to accommodate you and your specific needs to the best of their abilities but that there can be many factors involved in providing service to your home appliances.

Delays To Service Delivery

All repairer companies will make reasonable efforts to inform customers of any delays as they are made aware of any delay or potential delay. This is not always possible as the factors that determine a delay may be outwith the repairers control and they may even be unaware of any delay.

WTA members will always inform their customers of any delays and make alternative arrangements as quickly as is possible.

This can happen, particularly in more rural areas, through periods of adverse weather conditions but these do tend to be well reported upon. However, delays are almost inevitable after such periods, especially extended periods of poor weather as there is a "knock-on" effect to calls after the weather clears.

How Can The Trade Association Help?

We can investigate a lengthy lead time for service delivery but, it should be noted that the trade association cannot force a repairer to deliver service any faster than they have already advised. We are also unable to ask a member that is under a contractual obligation to source service from an alternative supplier or sub-contract work to another repairer.

If you have an enquiry regarding a repair you require advice or help with, please email your question/s to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Or by post to:

Whitegoods Trade Association
Unit 5
Bonnyton Industrial Estate
Munro Place

We cannot deal with these types of enquiries by telephone in the event that the case has to be reviewed by the Advisory Council.

Unfortunately, we can only offer advice and assistance if your repairer is a WTA member due to the Code Of Practice they adhere to. If your repairer is not a WTA member we are unable to assist due to this.

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