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We would like to explain why we think that, if you are in the trade, that you would you be interested in joining the Whitegoods Trade Association.

The association offers you access to a huge degree of knowledge and skills from within the independent repair sector but, within that, is encompassed businesses that retail appliances, wholesale appliance, retail spare parts, wholesale spare parts, sell online as well as a host of other activities and of course carry out contract and warranty repairs as well as direct to the public.

Advice from your peers is very often realistic and quick. Using the association's forums and online community it is also free to all members. Technical, legal, business advice, industry news... the range of topics is absolutely vast that are discussed within the community just as varied as the help given on a daily basis.

In conjunction with UK Whitegoods , which receives over 1600 visitors a day, we also route scores of consumers to repairers working to our Code Of Practice , often hundreds of calls per month, all across the UK mainland and Northern Ireland through the repairs@ system. This database of repairers is also very often used and, requested by, manufacturers, insurers and work providers seeking agents across the country.

Membership also allows you access to use the independents insurance schemes, which can only be sold by businesses that agree to work to the association's Code Of Practice and already there are in excess of 250 businesses across the UK that work to this standard, often beyond it.

With so many small businesses in the sector it is all too often common to find especially sole traders thinking that they are alone and without support of any kind, with the Whitegoods Trade Association that is no longer true.

Help and support for the independents is just exactly what the association is all about. 

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conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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