Finding An Engineer

Our  member search is currently offline saldy due to site upgrades, it will be back soon.

Alternatively, an interactive lookup tool for engineers is featured on the UK Whitegoods website and you can search for a WTA repairer on the engineer search of the UK Whitegoods site and WTA members are highlighted there. This allows you to locate repairers that cover your postal area as well as the appliance that you make the request for, saving you time phoning round numbers from a telephone book.

Find an engineer service

All repairers that are listed on the Find an Engineer system are verified and do adhere to a basic code of practice and all highlighted WTA engineers work to our higher, more stringent Code Of Practice ensuring that you receive a quality service at a fair price and allowing you easy access to over 300 local appliance repair companies all over the UK with the knowledge that they are reputable businesses.

The WTA CoP is the only Code Of Practice that is monitored in an independent manner in the UK appliance repair industry and that also offers an arbitration service in the event of any dispute

If you have a faulty appliance out of warranty then please complete the short form and the system will confirm if we have a service engineer in our database that will be able to assist with a repair.

The system will find the best match for the appliance by postal area, appliance type, brand and then email the details to both you and any matching repair agent that is a part of the repairs@ system. The repairer will then contact you at the earliest possible convenience to confirm the call.

Remember all the repairers that are approved to have their details added to the system have to meet certain quality criteria, including adhering to our Code Of Practice and all the repairers aim to offer the best possible service available made as easily as possible.

Please note that this system is not currently intended for any purpose other than out-of-warranty calls at this time and if your appliance is within the manufacturers warranty or you do have an extended guarantee you will have to contact the relevant party for service that is normally shown on your documentation.

How To Recognise A Good Repairer

Most reputable repairers will adhere to certain rules when dealing with a service call or an enquiry about a repair initially and, whilst the following points are not exhaustive, they do give general guidelines on what you should expect from a reputable repairer:

  • Contactable phone number although many repairers do use mobiles these days as a primary contact method, it will be answered during office hours, increasingly online from website forms and through email as well
  • Advice will usually be offered, especially if the repairer suspects that it is a user-solve-able problem such as a blocked filter or oven on automatic etc.
  • Most repairers will offer you an idea over the phone of what they think that the fault may be, this is known in the trade as "pre-diagnosis" and is especially used by the large authorised agents as they tend to have massive experience in dealing with a particular brand. It is also extremely common where the repairer specialises in a particular brand or few brands, for example, an ex-Hotpoint engineer would be a Hotpoint specialist with much experience of that brand
  • Costs will be explained upfront before the engineer calls with a good indication of what the repairer expects the costs to be and parts if it is possible. Please note that it isn't possible to be entirely accurate here over the phone without seeing the appliance and properly assessing the failure, but most repairers will try to give you an idea of costs

Most repairers follow these points as a matter of course and will be as helpful as they can possibly be as they wish to resolve your fault with the appliance, after all, that is how they make a living.

Usually, if the repairer you contact offers advice and help in the way (or ways) listed above then they will almost certainly be a reputable repairer. Many will also have the credentials of being a Whitegoods Trade Association Member, have local Trading Standards recognition or be a member of DASA and any of these do offer a lot of reassurance that the repairer will be of a high standard.

Do be wary of repairers that ONLY accept cash or that offer such things as discounts for cash or VAT free repairs if you pay in cash!

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