User Heathcheck FAQ

What is an appliance Healthcheck?

The health check is an industry standard check and test of your appliances to ensure that they are operating correctly and as efficiently as they ought to be.

The technicians will check the integrity of seals, hinges and so forth as well as testing the products functionally to ensure they are operating as intended and that they are safe to use. A full list of exactly what the technicians will check and test on a Healthcheck visit can be found here

Why do I need a Healthcheck?

Much like an MOT for your car the Healthcheck is designed to pick up on any immediate issues and to highlight them to you and as above, to check correct operation and safety.

It is sadly all too common that especially wear and tear items will slowly and gradually degrade over time and often users will not notice this happening as it is so progressive whereas, trained technicians will see such wear and tear.

Being aware and taking corrective action can improve performance and efficiency in many cases, enhance safety and even prevent unsafe events from occurring.

Will the technician repair the machine if there's a problem?

If they can do so they will however please be aware that additional labour charges and any spare parts are not included in the service unless you pre-arrange this with your local WTA member.

What else is done?

When a Healthcheck is undertake all your products being checked will also be registered onto our appliance registration scheme as a part of the service so that, should there ever be any recall or safety issue with your products we can let you know.

What if I move home or buy a new product?

Your details are saved and you can have an account to modify or amend the products that you own at any time of your choosing.

Whilst this is optional we do recommend you have your own account.

What about privacy, will I get marketing materials?


We do not share our or your information with any party at all other than where there is a safety issue and you need to be contacted for that.

On this we are also extremely strict and will not pass details to a manufacturer or brand without an absolute guarantee that your details will not be used for marketing purposes in any way.

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