The Whitegoods Trade Association has been asked for its views and, more importantly, its members views on the DEGs (Domestic Electrical Goods) Review announced recently by the Office of Fair Trading (OFT). You can read the WTA final report if you are a member from the link in the forumsĀ and the announcement of the review on the DASA website here.

It is fair to say that, in general from the information that we have gathered so far, that our members feel that the market is not operating correctly and that some manufacturers have, in effect, created their own monopolies on aftercare and servicing of major domestic appliances. This is therefore not a fair market and is not, in our member's opinions, in the interest of consumers as they will often have no choice but the manufacturer's own service should a product become defective.

Further information on the WTA's response given to the OFT on behalf of its members can be requested by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in writing to our postal address. We would also urge that any enquiries are directed this way as our offices are not manned full time.

The WTA document, spanning over fifty pages, is freely available for association members to download from our forums. All members are entitled to a copy of the findings.

In the report we have republished many of the comments and opinions of our members as well as our request sent to numerous brand owners for spare parts and technical information along with the responses that we have received. The complete document has been sent to the Office of Fair Trading for their consideration.

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