At the recent bi-annual UK Whitegoods meeting held at Sibson (near Twycross Zoo) members of the site agreed to form the Whitegoods Trade Association to promote and aid the independent repair and retail businesses that make up much of the membership of the website. The room unanimously voted to press ahead and form the association officially as of Friday 28th September 2007

Lawrence Carey, from Carey’s of Ipswich, wrote the following piece in the forums:

The associations aim is to ” Support the Independent Service Industry” in whatever way we can.

Some of the issues to be addressed by the association are:

· Lack of Technical information
· Spares pricing
· Training issues (Including CORGI)
· The development of an accountable identity card scheme for WTA members.
· These are to name just a few

This will be a stand -alone organisation alongside UK Whitegoods and will use some of the UKW resources that are placed at its disposal. And will be operated by its members for the mutual benefit of its members.

What was the Whitegoods Subscribers Forum will become the Whitegoods Trade Association forum and all members will have access.

If you are not currently a subscriber and wish to be a member of the WTA then please follow THIS LINK which will put you in touch with the team and THIS LINK to find out more about what the association is about.

The minutes of the first official meeting of the new association are available freely in the General Trade Forum as well as the TA Forum. 

Of course it was mentioned at the meeting that the new association could be seen as being just another part of UK Whitegoods due to the close ties but, since the very inception of UK Whitegoods we have striven to support the independent repairers and we view this new association which, after all was formed from UKW members, as being a part of that effort. Therefore UK Whitegoods will be helping the association in many ways to aid its success.

All in all this first meeting, the aims and aspirations of the members for their association shows great promise and it only remains now to wish them the best of luck in their new venture and that we will of course report any developments.

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