At the recent meeting in Sibson the initial council to run the organisation was formed and it was agreed to leave the Advisory Council, which regulates the repairs@ system (used to fi nd a local engineer to repair appliance

s) as is for the moment. The thinking behind this is that the AC works well and has done for some time and there is no call to change something that is proven to work.

The council members as they stand at the moment are as follows:


Currently they are working on the constitution as well as member benefits that can be arranged as well as the ID card system and some other issues that require to be addressed. However they do need your help, they want to know what issues affect you, what you wish your trade association to be doing on your behalf and what you think can be done. you can either use the trade forums on UK Whitegoods to do this or, if you prefer, you can email us from the "Contact Us" page or even send a private message to any of the above.

If you feel that you can help the WTA be that by your own efforts or offering products or services then please do get in touch with us.

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