As reported some time ago the trade association held its first official meeting at The Millers in Sibson n the 28th September this year.

Whilst, as usual, for these events there was a large element of social activity in the evening  there was also some very serious discussion on the aims, aspirations and purpose of the Whitegoods Trade Association as we move forward. The elected group were of course massively enthusiastic and continue to drive the agenda of the WTA forward on a daily basis with ideas and strategies available in abundance in the effort to help the independents.

The full minutes as published, to offer a flavour of the topics discussed are as have been published on UK Whitegoods and are freely available: 

Minutes of Initial Whitegoods Trade Association Meeting

Further to the foundation of the “Whitegoods Trade Association” (“WTA”) at the UKWhitegoods meeting held at the Millers Hotel, Sibson on 28th September 2007, the association met formally for the first time on the evening of the same date.

Lawrence Carey, chair for the meeting and Chris Chantrell secretary for the meeting.

Mission Statement

“Support the Independent Service Industry”


Accepted by Members present:

Adrian (Washdoctor).
Brian (R600A)
Chris (Penguin45)
Jim (Iadom)
Lawrence (Lawrence)
Sean (Del)
Steve (Aqualectric)

Ken (kwatt) also co-opted by the Committee due to not being eligible for election.

Elected committee members to serve 2 years and then be subject to re-election.

A forum for the use of the WTA Committee is to be set up on UK Whitegoods website .

The current Subscribers forum is to become the WTA Members forum.

Immediate Objectives.

Establish clarity and transparency in all WTA activities.

To further investigate issues arising from:

1) Availability and quality of technical information.
2) Spares pricing.
3) Specific CORGI issues pertaining to the whitegoods industry.

Long-term Objectives

1) Share and develop work opportunities with each other.
2) Develop an accountable identity card scheme for WTA members.
3) Investigate corporate purchasing power.
4) Pursue more favourable rates for repairs.

 These minutes represent a fair and accurate representation of the discussions held at the recent meeting and demonstrate the clarity of purpose which underscores the association.Some of the topics mentioned above have already been, or are being, addressed by the association by whatever means possible.

 The next meeting of the association is currently scheduled for late February/early March 2008.

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