A few days ago it came to our attention that spare parts marketing company eSpares had started a scheme to offer fixed labour cost repairs to consumers. This now means with the members of the association as well as the companies that operate on repairs@ to the code of practice or indeed often an even higher standard, exceeds 350 businesses across the UK.

However we were somewhat flattered when we realised that the "charter" adopted by eSpares was none other than the UK Whitegoods Charter as it was originally known which evolved into the Whitegoods Trade Association Charter .

We can only say that we are pleased that the charter or code of practice has been adopted for such a purpose but many of the repairers, especially those involved in the creation of the charter, are a little disappointed that eSpares have not acknowledged the source of the document.

Of course, with no middle man taking a fee, the free to use UK Whitegoods repairs@ service is often both cheaper and faster as well as being the only regulated service in the UK.

However, we are delighted that eSpares have seen fit to use the charter set by the trade even if they choose not to acknowledge the source of the document.

In any event the fact that so many repairers choose to operate to our code of practice as the standard of choice ensuring customer satisfaction is, we think, a fantastic step forward in allowing consumers to safely choose a reputable repairer as it is the only code of practice in the industry that is independently regulated.

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