Having been in consultation with the OFT regarding the WTA Code of Practice (COP) and its ability to protect the consumer, we were given guidance on 3 elements that we needed to address.  The WTA Council met and strengthened the final 3 elements then submitted the COP to the OFT to continue the process to approval.

We have now received a letter from the OFT informing us that they have currently suspended all new applications whilst the future of the COP is under debate regarding the future of OFT backing as some elements of the CCAS Scheme may be passed to consumer bodies such as Citizens Advice Bureau and local Trading Standards.

The WTA COP has been acknowledged and assessed prior to formal application, so we wait to hear the decision made by the OFT regarding the CCAS before we can pursue the application.  Either way, the WTA COP will be pursued for approval, whether it be via the OFT, or any combined body that the government deem more appropriate.

We will update all members as and when we get any new developments.

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