WTA Members are offered free advertising for 1 year on is a new website dedicated to promoting Trade Association Members via online advertising. One of the aims of is to raise awareness to the consumer about employing an accredited tradesman directly.

Many companies are now capturing the small number of private customers left in our sector simply by having large advertising budgets that independent engineers can't compete with. is just another way of increasing the chance of your business being found online.

If you are not listed on and would like a free listing for 1 year, please click here. The website can be seen here. For any WTA Member that wishes to list for free for 1 year, simply fill out the simple online form and Direct Debit Mandate (DD Will start 1 Year after listing). admin will then confirm your WTA Membership (Usually within 3 working days), will add your business to their search facility.

Conference February 2020

conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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bedroomsRoom tarrif £70/£100 per night (Now includes breakfast and evening 3 course meal).

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