This has been a great month for WTA members as UK Whitegoods relaunched their appliance engineer search function and, as all WTA members work to a higher standard than most, all members are entitled to a free premium listing in this revamped search function. The new search for an appliance engineer can be found from this link and, WTA members are also now recommended by a major housing association.

The new search function allows people looking for an appliance engineer to search quickly by geographical location using their postcode to find appliance engineers based on the area that is covered by the repairers, the brands and the products taking the guesswork out of which repairer does what and where. It makes it really, really simple for people to find our members.

WTA Members highlighted on the UK Whitegoods engineer searchThis also means that the middle men often seen on the internet are taken out of the equation. UK Whitegoods provides this service to independent repairers completely free of charge and, completely free of charge to people looking for our services. It isn't often you get something for nothing but, you do here.

For potential customers this is also great news as they save the middle man's fees, so they can access member's services for less.

All in all, everyone wins from this.

We would like to point out that, even non-members can freely list on this appliance engineer search facility and are totally free to do so, just like WTA members.

But, as you can see from our snapshot of the service, WTA members really stand out from the crowd with the darker marker that has a star on it. Just as they should we think.

We would like to thank UK Whitegoods for the support once again and for making this possible. And members, don't forget that you can also list for a year free on Find My Engineer as well and, again, free.

If you are a member and want to apply to be listed on the search facility please see the application on UK Whitegoods available from this link.

In other news this past week or two it turns out that WTA membership is being used as a benchmark for a very large Midlands based housing association. So far as we are aware from one member's report, WTA membership is now a pre-requisite for tender. That means that, if you are not a WTA member and are tendering for work on over 55,000 properties you will not be considered for the work.

Of course many housing associations and landlords already use our members services all across the UK but, we have to say, we were a little flattered and thrilled about this news as it demonstrates the confidence people and businesses have in our association.

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