As we develop more and more for our members we are constantly improving our website and now we've now made it even easier for engineers to join the WTA, existing members to renew their membership and get in touch with us by creating online forms.

From now on, anyone wishing to join the WTA, there is a simple form to fill out here.  To renew membership, again, there is a simple form to fill out here, or to contact us, please use this form.

Development of the WTA Website is currently ongoing and you will notice changes in the coming weeks.  The WTA are also pleased to confirm to members, that no membership subs have been used updating and developing our website.  The WTA Website is hosted by, maintained and developed by WTA Team members.

Keep checking back to see how the WTA Website and the WTA 'brand' is evolving.


Conference February 2020

conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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bedroomsRoom tarrif £70/£100 per night (Now includes breakfast and evening 3 course meal).

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