The association administration have managed to secure a partnership that will see WTA members get favourable terms on a mobile card payment system with preferential terminal rental rates and card charges.

There is an ongoing discussion within the member's forum on the topic which has the up to date information as well as the rates on offer for both rental costs and charge rates that you can view here.

Mobile payment terminalThe mobile payment terminals allow a member to be able to take payments for repairs or appliances etc. in the field, from a customer's house securely using chip and pin. They have the facility for "roaming" meaning that the payment terminal, which uses a GPRS connection for data transmission, will pick up a signal from any network and not from just one network like some.

Not only that but for our members the low rates are set for five years!

Payments can be accepted from all major credit and debit cards.

Lawrence Carey, the current chairman, said that; "I find having card payment facilities an absolute must now and would never go back".

With the inevitable demise of cheques scheduled for 2018 although it is expected that cheques will slowly die off before then, we thought that it was time that our association looked towards the future and started to introduce alternative payment methods now whilst trying to secure a win for our members. We think that we have done just that.

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