As we all know or, should know, the Whitegoods Conference 2012 takes place next week on Friday the 24th at 10am at the Hilton Hotel in Coventry, the full details of the conference are available here and spaces are becoming limited for the event.

There are now close to one hundred and fifty registered guests set to attend the conference from all areas of the industry from sales through to service and it is shaping up to be an extremely interesting day with announcements of new products or services from some of the speakers. For that alone we would say not to miss the conference but there is more.

At these meetings repairers, manufacturers and others have a chance to talk face to face and at this meeting we do know that there will be potential clients in attendance that either will or may be looking to recruit service companies to carry out agency work on their behalf. If you are a repair company interested in contract or agency work, you really do not want to miss this event and the opportunities that it might offer to your business.

Lawrence Carey, the current chairperson, said that; "The Whitegoods Conference 2012 is probably going to be the largest event that we have ever held and one of the largest meetings of appliance repairers and companies directly involved in the appliance service industry in years, quite possibly the largest ever. The opportunities to meet and share information as well as take up business opportunities at these events is normally fantastic, at this conference those opportunities are set to be astounding for our members and non-members alike."

We are often asked if you have to be a member of the WTA to attend and the simple answer is, no you do not have to be a member to attend. The conference is completely open to WTA members and non-members freely and all are welcome to attend.

As per the list of attendees published on our information page for the conference, the exhibitors with stands are:

  • AWS Services
  • Amica Wronki Appliances
  • Connect Distribution
  • Europart (H.T. Maddocks)
  • ISE
  • Qualtex
  • Masterpart
  • Statesman Appliances
  • Swift Distribution
  • Daewoo Appliances
  • Liebherr
  • British Gas
  • UK Whitegoods

However, what we can tell you but not actually publish, is that there are many, many more companies in attendance from the industry including many leading manufacturers, third party work providers and more.

If you do wish to attend please register as soon as possible from theĀ registration page from this link so that you secure a place as there is a limited capacity in the venue. Registration only takes a few seconds to do and will ensure that you have a place registered and that your ticket/s for the day will be issued.

Conference February 2020

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