This year's annual engineer's meeting, as it has been known, will be held on the 25th September at a new venue in Wolverhampton and as ever there's a lot to talk about.

As is the norm at the September meetings things are informal and is largely engineer centric, meaning that most of the topics of discussion are around the engineers and the issues that they face. The topics raised at this meeting often forms the basis or direction of the February meeting allowing the association to address matters that are discussed if at all possible.

It also allows more open and frank discussion about the industry at large due to the informality.

For these reasons we do urge that members attend if at all possible to offer their opinion on the industry and the association.

We do ask however that you let us know that you will be there so that we can arrange catering et cetera. You can register your attendance from this online form, it takes two minutes tops and helps us a lot.


As with past September meetings, the topics of discussion are steered by the members, if you have any suggestions, topics or issues that you want to discuss, be informed about or just kick about then please just let us know and we will look into it or raise the matters for you.

You can discuss this in the thread in the UK Whitegoods trade forum here should you wish. Email us. Or, call any WTA contacts you have.

Remember, this is your association that is working for you, you need to steer it on what you'd like it to do!

Work Leads/Contracts

Ian, Lawrence and Bryan are all there so, any questions that you may have regarding clients that have used the WTA member list to source repair agents can be asked of them.

There may be some companies with a presence that will be looking to meet existing repair agents or to source new additions to their repair agent listings.

It has been proven that discussion of such things in the more relaxed September meeting is often fruitful for members.


The meeting will open at 10am as normal and we will have various tea/coffee breaks through the day as well as a lunch break organised for around 12-1pm. The aim will be to close the meeting at about 3-3:30pm.

We like to leave the format a little open so as to allow for overruns in the conversations that we have.

New Venue

Please do not go to the Hilton!

We have a new venue to try that was road tested some weeks back by some of us in Wolverhampton.

The food is good and the venue offers a variety to suit different tastes but it is also cheaper both for food and drink than the Hilton. There's also a cracking Indian restaurant on site within the hotel.

The details of the venue are as follows:

Ramada Park Hall Hotel & Spa
Park Drive
Goldthorn Park

+44 (0) 1902 349510

Conference February 2020

conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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