For those members that were unable to attend the conference we wanted to inform you about the new schemes from the WTA and update those that were on the progress so far.

The system is currently in advanced testing and is due for imminent release, we expect it to be fully live by the middle of this month, March 2017.

Registration Portal

In light of the lack of a portal that allows owners to register any appliance the WTA took the view that there was a requirement for such a facility but, pushed the innovation yet further.

The portal also allows owners to register an account and to manage their products, adding, deleting or amending them as required through time.

Any member of the public can use the portal to store details and, in the event of any safety issue or recall, the WTA can notify registered owners.

The same portal also stores details of owners products that are gathered through home visits or indeed sales of new products by anyone, not just WTA members.

Health Check

The health check program is exclusively available to WTA members. Non-WTA members cannot offer this service and use the portal to provide it.

The reason is that members that take part in the scheme must adhere to the WTA code of practice and must also abide by the guidelines for the health check scheme also. This ensures that customers are delivered an exemplary service worthy of the WTA and its members.

The WTA management team took the view that in order to best serve both members and the owners of products that this was the best course of action to enable the delivery of a high quality service.

The health check is a way for owners to have their appliances inspected for any potential safety issues, to have them registered in case any develop in the future and also gain insight to the general condition of the products from wear and tear.

Members are expected to highlight any issues that cannot be easily resolved to the owner and to suggest corrective action where appropriate.

In short, much like an MOT on cars, this system is in place to ensure safety both now and in the future.

For more information or, if you have any questions, please use the WTA member's forum where more information for members can be provided.

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