August Update

The August update to the website has been done ,with new content added, more about the Whitegoods Trade Association and how and why it all came about.

However the main reason for this news item is the fact that it is our intention to officially form the association at the upcoming UK Whitegoods meeting in September. Details of the meeting venue can be found from this link although you will require trade access to the forums to view this thread.

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Welcome to the WTA website

Site currently under construction, please bear with us while we get the content up and running.

We anticipate this website being filled with content and branded within the next week to two weeks, until then please use the UK Whitegoods website for any enquiries that you may have regarding the Whitegoods Trade Association.

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Conference February 2020

conference This year's Conference to be held at the Yarnfield Park venue in February of 2020

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