WTA Meeting February 2012

The latest WTA Meeting took place at the Hilton Hotel, Coventry, February 2012.  From 180 + People that registered, the WTA Welcomed over 150 Attendees.  These attendees ranged from Independent Appliance Repairers, Appliance Work Providers to Manufacturers.

The event was split between the main meeting room and the display area for companies that have an interest in our industry, to display their products, talk to engineers and generally network.

The meeting started around 10AM and was hosted by the WTA Chairman Lawrence Carey.  After a very warm welcome and an introduction to the day, the first speaker was introduced to the stage.  The first to be introduced was Ian Dales.  Ian gave a presentation on the new qualification due to be introduced for Refrigeration repairs.  More information can be seen here [LINK to ERT MAG ARTICLE]

Next to take the stage was Amica. During 2011, Amica have primarily been using the WTA Member base as their repair network. Whilst administrated with the help of UK Whitegoods, the new Amica network has now started to prove that the Independent Engineer network can produce some great results! Saying that, Amica presented some awards to the top performers from results produced over the last year. The awards that were presented were as follows:





Following on from Amica, British Gas took the stage. Gordon Melrose from BG gave a very informative insight in to the British Gas ESD Division and welcomed the idea of working with Independent Engineers in the future.

Next on stage was Kenneth Watt from Uk Whitegoods. Kenneth announced the launch of a new 'App' that will in time replace the UK Whitegoods Fault Code Book and is available for download now! [LINK HERE TO APP STORE] The new 'App' will be a benefit to all engineers as it will be current and up-dateable. As well as the release of the new 'App', Kenneth also unveiled a new call management software called 'rapport'. < rapport LOGO to go there

rapport < rapport LOGO to go there is an all in one package, free to engineers, that will handle customer databases, stock control, invoicing, basically, everything everyone wants, but designed uniquely for Domestic Appliance Repairers and further more, it's free! The software is downloadable now, but is still in BETA Version, so updates and fixes will be regularly made available. To read more about rapport < rapport LOGO to go here please click here [LINK TO UKW RAPPORT THREAD] To download rapport < rapport LOGO to go here please click here


WTA Gets A New Logo

This week the trade association has introduced our shiny new logo just to spruce up a little and make the associations appearance more modern.

It was decided not to delay and to launch the logo ahead of the conference that is set to be the largest ever later this month. For more details of the conference please click this link where you will also find details on how to register (it takes two minutes) to attend the event.

The new logo will be deployed on all paperwork etc. as the various elements are updated but it is available for any members with immediate effect in high resolution formats suitable for websites and suchlike as well as in an Adobe Illustrator file which is suitable for sign writing purposes for vehicles and stores.

The new Whitegoods Trade Association logo


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